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Osher Institutes Host Events and Courses on Politics

Presidential election seasons pique the interest of Osher Institute members. The heated presidential campaigns of 2016 also heightening interest in understanding the electoral system; the associated impact of media on campaigns; and the historic underpinnings of American politics.american-flag
While many Osher Institutes host events and courses surrounding the race for President of the United States, others are focusing more locally on issues in their community and taking the opportunity to have conversations around issues closer to home. Consider some of the approaches that Osher Institutes have taken during the past months. Take a look at some of the OLLI programming that has engaged members from coast-to-coast below.
OLLI at Berkshire Community College
Time Columnist Joe Klein speaks on “How on Earth Did we Get Here? The Chaotic Politics of 2016”
OLLI at California State University, East Bay
2016 Ballot Initiatives: California Politics
OLLI at Duke University
Campaign and Election 2016: A Reporter’s Perspective
OLLI at Johns Hopkins University
Picking the Next President
OLLI at Oklahoma State University
Conservative Populism and the Recurring Drama of Oklahoma Politics
OLLI at University of Arkansas
Black Lives Matter: Continuing the Civil Rights Movement
OLLI at University of California Los Angeles
Beyond the Headlines Distinguished Speaker Series
OLLI at The University of Vermont
Lecture on “2016 Politics or Is This the End of the World as We Know it?” or “Polls, Politics, and Probabilities”
OLLI at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Osher Distinguished Speaker Series: Making Sense of the 2016 Election

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