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Osher Institute Members Mentor Younger Generations of College Students

Many Osher Institutes currently collaborating or looking for ways to integrate more with their host University have found success with undergraduate mentoring programs. The collaboration is ideal for both groups as OLLI members can provide valuable academic and life knowledge to the younger generation preparing for the workforce.Mentoring Photo
As demonstrated in the variety of programs below, there are many different ways to approach working together within the University or College. While some Osher Institute members mentor undergraduates in specific studies, others focus more on life, networking or interviewing skills to prepare students for the workforce following their undergraduate program. The OLLI at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has found a reverse of the mentor-mentee roll to also be successful as Osher Institute members participate in lab research with undergraduates and serve as research assistants. Regardless of whether a program helps with language skills, academic learning, or life skills, the benefit of partnering with host institutions to create programs such as these is of value for all.
OLLI at Berkshire Community College
Mentoring BCC Students for Success
OLLI at California State University Fullerton
Mentoring Undergraduate Engineering and Business Students
OLLI at San Diego State University
Aztec Mentoring Program for SDSU Undergraduates
OLLI at University of North Carolina Asheville
Intergenerational Connections with Undergraduate Student Athletes
OLLI at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Citizen Scientist Program

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