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Sleep: A Hot Topic for Osher Institutes

Humans spend about one third of their lives asleep. Scientists, Psychologists and others in higher education are striving to define what sleep really is, how sleep benefits individuals, and how a person’s relationship with sleep changes as they age, so it makes sense that an analysis of this biological process would be of interest to OLLI members.

The Osher Institute at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) hosted a class called “What is Sleep?” taught by CSUF adjunct psychology professor, Deborah Wilson-Ozima. In her lecture, Wilson-Ozima addressed topics such as sleep cycles, sleep disorders, and how sleep changes over a person’s lifetime by examining the average sleep cycles of various age groups. She noted that “We know from studying sleep that it helps us with memory consolidation and improves learning and our ability to recall information,” something of great importance to lifelong learners. However, she added “Quality of sleep and sleep efficiency typically decline in older adults due to normal maturational changes and an increase in sleep disorders.”

The Osher Institute at San Francisco State University held a similarly sleep-focused brown bag lecture and invited members to attend the session for apractical approach by Dr. Daniel Jin Blum, licensed clinical psychologist and sleep therapy specialist. Dr. Jin Blum offered OLLI members specific techniques to help improve sleep.

Explore how different Osher Institutes use leaders in the field of scientific sleep study to create curriculum to inform members of this important area of life.

OLLI at California State University Fullerton
What is Sleep

OLLI at Vanderbilt University
Circadian Rhythms and Sleep Lecture Series

OLLI at San Francisco State University
Improving your Physical, Emotional, and Relational Health through Better Sleep

OLLI at Santa Clara University
Sleep and Dreams: What is Really Happening While We’re Sleeping

OLLI at Arizona State University
Waking up to Sleep

OLLI at University of California Irvine
The Dynamics of Sleep

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